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Robert Jakobsen

Woven Bookmarks

Woven Bookmarks

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15 x 3 cm

various hard and softwoods, polyurethane, leather lacing


These handmade 'woven wood' bookmarks feature a vivid pattern and are made from both exotic and local woods. They make great gifts for individuals or for groups, such as classmates, family, or colleagues.

*Please note, each bookmark is one-of-a-kind and may not have the exact same pattern as pictured.

Robert Jakobsen is a woodworker based in Nanaimo who crafts intricate and functional peices using a variety of local and exotic woods with interesting grain patterns. He also salvages wood that was destined to be firewood and repurposes it into beautiful objects. Robert is a member of the Mid-Island Woodworker's Guild.  

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