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Tom Hedekar

Striped Eastern Maple Cutting Board

Striped Eastern Maple Cutting Board

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24.1 x 43.1 cm 

eastern maple, black walnut


This lovely Eastern maple cutting board is made from durable hardwood that can take the many uses you will have for it in your kitchen. It is smoothly finished with a food safe edible mineral oil.

Care Instructions: do not place in the dishwasher. Give it a quick wash in mild soapy water to clean, then dry quickly.


Tom Hedekar grew up under the tutelage of his father, a Danish Cabinetmaker so Tom’s wood projects display a unique Scandinavian touch as he works with the wood to bring out the best features of each piece.

Tom is proud of sourcing the wood he uses from already downed trees and other sustainable sources. His love of wood took him from working in BC forests to a career in Professional Forestry. Tom became a Registered Professional Forester and spent most of his working career in education. He taught many college forestry courses, and his favorite lessons were always in the Tree ID and Wood Products courses.
Tom has been turning wood for 60 years and he currently leads the “Turners Group” in the Mid Island Woodworkers Guild. He has taught several wood turning courses for members of the Guild and enjoys sharing his turning skills and his love of the art, encouraging beginners to get started on the “most fun machine in the wood shop”.

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