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Suzanne Spisani

Fishbones (small)

Fishbones (small)

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3.0 x 0.8 cm

sterling silver, delft clay casting, vulcanized rubber mold, wax injection and lost wax casting

Created from washed-up fish vertebrae and bones that Suzanne collected from the shores of Lake Erie, Ontario. The natural formations of the bones made the perfect nesting spots for gemstones and bails showcasing the organic forms and details of the bones. An impression was made in delft clay and then cast in sterling silver. Once the final product was complete, a rubber mold was made using a vintage vulcanizer and wax models were injected. Using the lost wax casting method individual bones were again cast in sterling silver and finished to highlight the texture. The original pair of earrings have 14K yellow gold bezels soldered into the centre and tourmaline gemstones set into them. Each piece is part of a limited production and made in studio.

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