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Neno Catania

Quilted Maple Bowl

Quilted Maple Bowl

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7 x 19 x 19 cm , 120 g

quilted maple wood

These delicate turned bowls are expertly crafted on a lathe, to create a light & balanced piece that highlights the unique grains and contours of the tree. 

Neno Catania (Burnaby, BC) grew up near the Deer Lake area. Working with wood has been a part of his everyday life, since the early 1980’s when he started working as a hardwood floor tradesman. Here, he began to develop his wood working skills as an apprentice. On slow days, he was inspired to build wooden boxes from scrap cuttings of Oak flooring. After spending many hours reading magazines and books at the public library, Neno developed techniques for creating unique sculptural Band-saw boxes made out of highly figured woods. It was in 1994, when he  purchased his first lathe, and started to learn the craft of turning wood from watching how-to videos and attending woodturning demonstrations at the annual woodworking show. Neno joined the Greater Vancouver Woodturner’s Guild at their first club meet in 1999, and was a member there for 10 years. His turning skills accelerated through hands-on demos and watching demonstrators from around the world, showing their turning techniques.

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