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Amanda Green

Motion Earrings

Motion Earrings

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2.5 x 2.5 cm

sterling silver

Part of Amanda's "Dimensional" Collection, the Motion Earrings are a swirling statement piece and a contemporary approach to the classic silver hoop.


Amanda Green, the designer and maker, was born in Kingston Upon Hull, England, where her love for design blossomed. She pursued her passion through higher education, earning a BA Hons in Knitwear Design from Nottingham University. With her degree, Amanda embarked on a successful career as a women’s wear fashion designer, dedicating 15 years to creating innovative and stylish clothing. Life took an unexpected turn when Amanda faced a chronic illness. Determined to manage her condition while pursuing her creative passions, she left her career, and in 2015, at age forty, she enrolled on the jewellery art design program at Vancouver Community College. Since then, Amanda has poured her heart and soul into perfecting her craft, transforming it into an art form that beautifully reflects her unique perspective of elegant yet whimsical jewellery. With her unwavering dedication. Today, her jewellery is a testament to her resilience and commitment to her creative pursuits.

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