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Özlem Böge

Mediterranen Ripple I

Mediterranen Ripple I

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6.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm

800 ct silver and 925 ct silver, stone casting and wire drawing at the rolling mill, sanding, polishing, applying patina, glue

Özlem draws her inspiration from the Aegean shores of the Mediterranean, deriving it from the sea, beach, stones, and rocks. Hence, the most striking feature of all three earrings is their organic forms cast in stone, making them one of a kind. Experimenting with silver and experimental techniques is one of Özlem's most enjoyable pastimes. Here, there is no right or wrong. Utilizing creativity to conduct experiments within limitless possibilities and eagerly anticipating the outcome is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Özlem's work. The organic forms found in all three earrings are also the result of such creative moments.

The organic forms in 'Mediterranean Ripple I' have emerged through the casting of 800 ct silver into stone, resulting in unique and non-reproducible forms. The surface has been darkened with patina using a delicate brush, enhancing the shine of tiny bumps to create contrast. The portion of the earring without patina is entirely handcrafted from sterling silver, with each stage meticulously executed by Özlem. Processes such as square wire, ear wire, soldering, sanding, polishing, etc., have all been personally undertaken by Özlem.

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