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Yumi Nagumo

Maple Leaf Studs

Maple Leaf Studs

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0.5 x 0.5 x 0.2 cm

sterling silver, red brass


Care Instructions: silver will oxidize when exposed to art and moisture, store in an airtight bag.


Yumi's journey in learning to make jewelry began in July 2015 with a beginner's silver smithing course taught by Kelly Allanson, and workshops with Robyn Cornelius. She also has had mentorship in lapidary arts by Geoff Cameron at the Port Moody Rock & Gem Club since September 2015.

Yumi Nagumo’s jewelry is inspired by her home - the beautiful, natural and unceded Coast Salish territories on the West Coast of British Columbia. Yumi incorporates elements of nature, such as wildlife, into her pieces, creating feelings of serenity, peace and magic reflective of being in nature. Each piece is thoughtfully planned, and carefully crafted using sheet and wire in a humble studio located in Vancouver, BC.

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