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Samantha MacKinnon

Leather Keystrap (15")

Leather Keystrap (15")

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37.5 x 1.5 cm

leather, metal clasps


These handmade leather keychains are at the intersection of functionality and elegance. The versatile straps can clip to your bag, belt, backpack or anywhere that is easy to find. 


Samantha MacKinnon is an artist and craftsperson known for her work with fibres, leather, metal and what ever else has crossed her table. In 1996, Samantha established her Vancouver Succubus Studios, focusing on her craft, custom work for the film industry and private clients. 

Samantha's latest endevour, Bukuro Bag Company, was born out of the frustration of no being able to find high quality aesthetically pleasing all purpose bags and accessories in natural materials. From that foundation she was able to expand and explore with more creative collections within the line.

Finding her inspiration from different cultures from around the world  and her passion for traditional techniques, Samantha has laid a strong foundation to support her design vision. 

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