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Dawn Teasdale

Lava Dome Ring

Lava Dome Ring

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approx. 2 x 2 x 2 cm

patinated silver


Care Instructions: it is normal for the patina to change over time, adding to the beauty of the piece. Avoid using treated polishing coths or metal polish on the patinated surface. To polish the rest of the piece, rub lightly with a soft cloth. 

*Available in size 6 to 9 including half sizes.


From the very first time Dawn Teasdale sat down at the jeweller's workbench, she was hooked. Immediately she fell in love with the goldsmith's craft–the techniques, and the tools–many of them passed down through generations. Dawn enjoys exploring these traditions through the custom of personal adornment – a practice spanning thousands of years in human history. Dawn chooses to forge and fabricate each piece so that no two will ever be exactly alike. There is something undeniable and intimate about the process of transforming metal into a wearable object, one that can be a receptacle for time, space, and memory.


"I just love this beautiful patinaed sterling silver ring! An understated & well-crafted piece that will get even better with age."

Staff Pick by Sarah, October 2023

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