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Patricia Tozer

Lantern Necklace

Lantern Necklace

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43cm chain length

sterling silver, 18k gold


The Cages series melds a conceptual approach to art-making with an appreciation of natural forms to achieve a contemporary and emotional result. Each piece is a meditation upon the nature of negative space, and how the intangible can be captured with the gesture of a few lines drawn on a page, or in this instance hand-built from precious metals. The fusing process produces unpredictable results which elucidate the very nature of the materials used. Metal's active state is when it is molten. Judicious application of heat to silver and gold cause these materials to reach for a different state of being, and in that, it feels very human. This necklace is the result of 20+ hours of work.

Care Instructions: Keep sterling silver away from humidity and water. Buff gently with a soft cloth. Patinaed items should not be cleaned with silver polish of any sort.


Patricia Tozer is a multidisciplinary artists, experimental silversmith and designer living on an island in the ocean of the coast of the west coast of Canada. Patricia works in close relationship with precious metals, stone, and other natural materials to create unique pieces to adorn wild, embodied spirits. Her work is informed by the belief that decorating one's body is a deeply rooted human instinct. For the artist, jewellery is an emotional, highly personal vehicle through which we can foster connections with others by revealing our hearts. In her hands, jewellery becomes the medium through which we discover our true selves and find our kindred spirits.

Patricia studied fine arts at McMaster University and earned her Master's degree at the University of Victoria in Victoria, B.C., Canada. She was fortunate to learn smithing from master metalsmith and multimedia artist, Tosca Terán in Toronto, Canada.

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