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Susan Remnant

Green Earrings

Green Earrings

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4.2 x 2.9 x 0.4 cm

sterling silver, copper, enamel, piercing, texturing, enamelling

A fascination with nature and the transformations that take place day to day, season to season has been a recurring theme in Susan Remnant's jewellery. Her garden is a place of exploration and reflection where she contemplates the details of its hidden world and the unexpected beauty to be discovered. She is inspired by revisiting photographs she has taken, recording visual fragments, the interaction of geometry and organic form, light and shadow, organization and disintegration. The natural world informs her work with its irregular geometry, sensuous repetition and intricate detail. Using the clay like properties of metal she shapes, stretches, molds, and textures the underlying forms of her pieces. She then applies layers of vitreous enamels in multiple firings to create dynamic surfaces of blended colour over the textured metal.

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