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Bruce Thurston

Confetti Swizzle - 4 for $35

Confetti Swizzle - 4 for $35

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18 x 3.5 



These are glass stir sticks for your favourite mixable drinks. A colourful and fun addition to your happy hour or mealtime!

Buy 4 for $35 (discount applied at checkout)

*Each swizzler design is unique and may not appear exactly as pictured.


Bruce and his wife Fran Feuer were taught the basics of lampworking in 1990. In 1992 they bought a small home on Texada Island where his wife monopolized the torch so Bruce started building tiny, simple whimsical images with the scrap glass and firing them. He glued magnets to his glass pictures and was happily surprised that these sold as fridge magnets at the local farmers market and small craft fairs.

Bruce has now been making and selling his glass pictures for 20 years. All his pieces are constructed from tiny pieces of glass which he cuts, grinds, assembles, and fires in a kiln. He does not use any molds, as all his designs are his own and each item is unique as he builds them one at a time.

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