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Compass Hook Earrings

Compass Hook Earrings

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2.5 x 1.5 cm

sterling silver, compass

"An homage to the age-old device used by travellers, the compass. These pieces aren't just about literal direction but also represent purpose, guidance, and the journey of life. Every turn we make, every decision taken is a step towards our destination, and these compass-themed jewels serve as a reminder to stay true to one's path." - Judi Patson

After receiving a BA in Theatre from Brisbane, Australia, Judi Patson returned to Canada to pursue various careers ranging from Professional Laugher to 1st Assistant Director in the film industry until 2001. In 2003, Judi learnt how to work with silver, including, pouring, pulling wire, making plates, and solder. Her idea was to create a piece of jewellery using a carpenter’s level as a reminder for her friends to keep themselves balanced. The idea took off right away and the fourth piece that she made was featured on the masthead of the National Post! 

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