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Rosie Harris



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3.5 x 3.5 x 0.15 cm

rhodium plated 925 sterling silver with food-grade resin coloured with crushed gemstones, emeralds, minerals, mica, and art pigments

I start by crafting the ocean wave circle design and then translate it into a 3D model using CAD Fusion 360. This model is 3D printed with jeweler's resin and refined through lost wax casting to create the rough sterling silver piece, which is then sanded and polished to a high shine.

To ensure durability and prevent tarnishing, each earring undergoes electroplating with rhodium.

My favorite part is bringing the ocean waves to life with color. Using food-grade resin mixed with pigments, crushed minerals, and gemstones, I apply them with a syringe to fill the spaces in the design, creating a striking stained glass effect that makes each piece unique. 

Rosie Harris is a skilled goldsmith based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, blending traditional jewelry-making techniques like lost wax casting with her technical prowess in CAD, honed during her tenure as an engineering technologist. With over two decades of experience and a blend of formal training and self-taught expertise, she crafts sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry inspired by the rich landscapes of nature and the Pacific Northwest.

The showcased earrings began as sketches, evolving through CAD software into intricate 3D designs. These designs are then meticulously crafted into jewelry-specific resin, using the lost wax casting method to form sterling silver pieces. Each silver piece undergoes meticulous hand-finishing, including grinding of casting sprues and polishing with emery papers and a polishing wheel, resulting in a stunning high-shine mirror finish. A final touch involves electroplating with rhodium to achieve a tarnish-resistant finish and enhance colour.

The "Adia" and "Nanahana" designs draw inspiration from the resilient and healing ginkgo leaf, symbolizing longevity. Meanwhile, the "Naia" design depicts a circle of ocean waves, symbolizing growth, renewal, and transformation.

To craft truly remarkable designs that spark conversation, the artist incorporates food-grade resin infused with crushed gemstones, minerals, and pigments into the intricate spaces of the design. This infusion creates a captivating stained glass effect, enhancing the depth and allure of each piece.

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