Craft Commissions: A Win-Win-Win

Craft Commissions: A Win-Win-Win

The CCBC Shop & Gallery is widely known to be a great source for gift giving, not just for the lasting quality that handmade craft provides, but also the special opportunity of acquiring something truly one of a kind. However, what some may not know is that many CCBC artist-members are open to customer requests and original commissions. Don’t hesitate to use the CCBC as a resource that connects the public to an entire network of artistic talent across British Columbia.

Need more convincing? Here’s five great reasons to consider a craft commission:

  1. Greater amount of options than what you find on the shelf
    The CCBC has all kinds of diverse styles among its artist-members, so it is unlikely one can visit our Shop & Gallery on Granville Island and not find at least one artist they connect with. However, the reality of hand-crafted work is that it is often made in small batches, and while you may fall in love with an artist’s work, the exact product you want is just out of reach. That’s where a commission comes in. Our artists are always willing to communicate estimates and ideas on how to create what you’re looking for.

    2. One of the best ways to support local artists
    A commission, big or small, is a very welcome opportunity for our artists. Quality materials and expensive production costs can often leave margins thin, which can limit the type of projects artists can take on, and hinder the growth of their practice. Commissions provide a key source of income and support for artists. If you’re looking to support local arts, this is one the best ways to do so directly.

    3. Keeps money in the local economy
    It’s not just about money from a commission going into an artists’ pocket, commissions are a way of keeping your money in the local economy. By commissioning a local artist, you are in turn contributing to their community, the CCBC’s efforts to promote fine craft, and even reducing your carbon footprint. There are many reasons why so many people choose craft commissions as gifts, including their impact beyond the finished product itself.

    4. A great way to get the most value for your special occasion budget
    Requesting a quote for a commission can lead to getting more ‘bang for your buck’ than you may have originally thought. The key difference is that our artists take tremendous pride in the work they produce, and are great to talk to when you have a specific budget in mind. Don’t spend money on a mass-produced item. Commemorate a special moment with a thoughtful, one of a kind creation, courtesy of the CCBC’s amazing artist-members!

    5. Empowering an artist’s full imagination (and yours)
    When you know the person you’re shopping for, when you have that great gift idea in mind, you might not know how to realize the idea,  however, with the help of our artist-members, you can! Our artists love a challenge, and they love the problem solving that comes with trying to make your idea into a reality. The experience and technical ability our artists possess could never take root without an unbridled passion for their crafts. Be the one to inspire their skills when you request a craft commission.

    Do you have a special occasion coming up? Want to know more about special orders and custom commissions? Email us at and tell us what you’re looking for!

cover image: Erin Christensen

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