new life in old materials: Jamie Carlson’s incredible upcycled jewellery

new life in old materials: Jamie Carlson’s incredible upcycled jewellery

Shop manager Tom Costie highlights one of our newest consignors, Jamie Carlson of Scandinazn.

I first learned of Jamie Carlson from Scandinazn a few years ago, back when I was working at a local arts shop in East Vancouver. Beyond the attention-grabbing colours and shapes, Jamie’s work really encapsulates the post-modern era, finding new ground in found materials. Scandinazn’s (named in honour of Jamie’s mixed heritage) pieces are inspired by the geometric shapes and pops of colour in Scandinavian design and the subtle handmade intricacies of Japanese art. Many customers who visit the CCBC shop & gallery in Vancouver recognize these influences immediately, but they may not know that these beautiful, vibrant pieces are created using discarded leather as the main material component.

Jamie says the Scandinazn brand is all about promoting creative self-expression and sustainability through ethically-made jewelry. By choosing to work with upcycled materials, Jamie is both lessening the environmental impact of her craft, while keeping work affordable for interested customers. By choosing to work with discarded leather, she has the freedom to be spontaneous and push the boundaries of her design without eating up her budget. There is a tremendous balance of practicality and creativity in her work. Jamie is a great example of how craft can occupy both the traditional and contemporary at once.

You can find Jamie’s work, along with other great handmade products both here at our online shop or in person at the CCBC shop & gallery on Granville Island.

 Browse Scandinazn's work online today.

header image: "Origami Geometric Necklace"

body images: "Walking Arches - Mustard/Blue", "Japanese Ume Earrings 1"

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