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Abe Lorenzen

Tree Rings Lampstand

Tree Rings Lampstand

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37 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm (base), 64 cm to top of stand

hemlock, stainless steel cables & fittings

This stunning lampstand is crafted from naturally shaped hemlock, finished with shellac and wax, and embellished with stainless steel cables that mimic tree rings. A great piece for your home that highlights the beauty of the wood with a contemporary flair.

*Please note, the lightbulb and lampshade are NOT Included with the lampstand, and must be purchased from a separate provider.

*Canadapost shipping is unavailable for this product. Contact us for alternative pickup and shipping options.

Abe was born and raised in Germany, where he served an apprenticeship in custom commercial truck building. This gave him the experience to work with many different materials, but he prefers to work with wood and metal. After continuing his professional career in Canada, he retired in 2019 to put his focus into a different kind of creative outlet, and he decided to experiment with the functionality and aesthetic of wood to create table lamps. Many different pieces of wood and other materials had crossed his hands over the years, and some cutoffs didn’t go into the waste bin, because they looked really promising for crafting something nice. These are the challenging wooden blocks he kept to use for his creations. He loves to reveal the stunning beauty of those humble and unassuming blocks of wood, bringing out the best, and highlighting "imperfections" to make the lamps more interesting.

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