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Mara Colecchia

Tears Eye Earrings

Tears Eye Earrings

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6 x 6.5 x 1.5 cm

rare 24K gold plated charlotte cut seed beads size, opaque miyuki seed beads, AA water pearls size 11/14, gold plated studs, rare vintage 16mm faux ivory beads, bead weaving, cubic right angle weave

My research as a bead smith is centered on the personal interpretation of a bead weaving technique called "cubic right angle weave."

This dimensional stitch is used to create sturdy sculptural meshes, based on the methodical repetition of a unit made of 12 seed beads.

I sculpt my designs one unit at the time, creating challenging combinations of empty vs full forms, that keep my work light and dynamic.

Working with minuscule seed beads forces a weaver to be methodical and attentive, as a small mistake on a large piece can turn into a serious complication. This technique is extremely time consuming, and necessitates the creation of a meditative state of mind.

When I begin a new project and start to deal with this peculiar quality of bead-weaving, I find that the practice is also the message. The values I stick with and uphold in my practice are those of labor through intense artisanal skill, the quality of the work, and the enduring nature of a piece of jewelry.

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