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Fia Cooper

Sun Dog

Sun Dog

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6 x 3.3 x 1 cm

sterling silver, 24k gold, glass beads, nylon

Earrings are constructed from sterling silver then gold plated and hand woven with glass beads; Fia is led by curiosity in her art practice. She enjoys the inquiry of the design process; it's what makes being creative exciting for her. What she produces is best described as a "one-of-a-kind series."

In her studio, she works on multiple designs and compositions simultaneously. The ideas flow together, and the most salient one is advanced. Sitting on her work table is a rainbow-hued palette of tiny glass beads, like the aggregate seeds of summer berries, ripe with color and intricacy. As she works, combinations reveal themselves, and she turns them into little vignettes to be incorporated into future pieces.

This collection of jewelry incorporates beadwork with precious metals. It's her aim to explore the possibilities these mediums offer in tandem and how they interact with and elevate each other. Exploring simple structures and forms, she layers and interlocks them with planes of color, observing how they interact both visually and physically.

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