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Peggy Logan



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5.6 x 1.2 x 1 cm

sterling silver, semi-precious pearls

These earrings are castings of the remains of the Rhododendron seed pods and cardamom seeds. They then added jump rings, posts, and earring posts soldered to them to convert them into a wearable earrings. The final step was to attach the pearl. They are one of a kind because each casting of the rhododendron pods is unique.

The arts of enamelling and jewellery making have engaged Peggy for over thirty years. She has explored many themes, processes, and materials that have allowed her imagination to play. An example of this is in her fascination for seeds where she casts seed forms in silver and then incorporating these forms with precious pearls to create original pieces of jewellery. At other times it is the pure geometry of the construction materials used. Sheet silver, wire, pearls and stones can create a design exploration for a piece of work. Enamelling glass to metal is much like painting in the choices of color and the layering process through multiple firings to create a piece of art. It is always a joy to see an idea come to completion opening the door to another idea.

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