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Sarah Sindler

Reptoid Oblongs

Reptoid Oblongs

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6.5 x 2 x 1 cm

sterling silver, fine silver, copper, cloisonné enamel

Jewelry is created by fusing and melting powdered glass to the surface of, in this case, copper shapes. Once you have a nice layer of enamel on both sides of the copper, thin strips of fine silver are shaped into ornate cells and fused onto the enameled surface. Once intact, the cells are filled and layered with beautiful colors and textures and each layer is fired for about 2 minutes at about 1500F or 800C. Once there are enough layers to reach the top of the fused fine silver strips, the whole piece is sanded with diamond pads, cleaned, and then re-fired once more to bring back the glassy surface. With the enameled pieces complete, sterling silver sheet is decoratively cut and textured as a setting to hold the enameled shapes. Long, sturdy sterling ear wires are soldered in place and the Cloisonn earrings are set into the backing with prongs. Cloisonné enameling is a slow, detail-oriented, and enduring process. Each tiny sliver of silver, individually shaped and fused to the surface of the enamel, is formed with tweezers. Once these silver wire cells are fused in place, colored enamel is laid into the little cells, fired for 2 minutes and then cooled. This is repeated layer by layer, color by color, cell by cell until the whole piece of copper has been transformed into an invigorating glassy color spectrum. Cloisonn enameling is like creating newly discovered gemstones that are then set in truly one-of-a-kind sterling silver settings.

Sindler's pair of earrings, Reptoid Oblongs, is inspired by her obsession with the novelization of alligator skin in the realm of fashion and design. The texture of alligator leather seems to titillate the masses, but she wonders if it also has to do with the power these animals hold and if, when wearing their leather, others may also exude that power in their self-expression.

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