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Becky Lang

Otolith Seal Earrings

Otolith Seal Earrings

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11.5 x 3 cm (long), 9 x 3 cm (regular)

otolith, sterling silver, ptarmigan feather, sealskin

These earrings are made from sealskin on sterling silver hooks surrounding an otolith, the inner earbone of a fish that has been collected by Becky from Great Slave Lake. It is embellished with the feather of a ptarmigan bird. 

Becky moved from Saskatchewan to Yellowknife in 2008. Her Métis ancestry influences her life in various ways, including in her roles as a commercial fisherman and artist. Since she started making otolith jewelry in 2017, Becky’s has displayed and sold her pieces at the Yellowknife Farmers Market - alongside smoked fish and berries and other harvested goods - as well as at the Gallery of the Midnight Sun and Just Furs. Her art was exhibited for the first time at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC) in 2021. 

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