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Eunice Lin

Magic Spiral Clusters

Magic Spiral Clusters

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4.8 x 3.3 x 2.5 cm.

sterling silver, nano ceramic e-coating, hand fabricated then ceramic e-coated

The magic in fairytales are a lasting source of inspiration for Eunice's designs. By capturing romance and magic in her work, through organic shapes, and whimsical bright colours, her aim to touch hearts and make people smile. Her goal is to create jewellery that evokes happiness and joy, providing each wearer with an enduring piece of their fantasies. Eunice is not content to work solely in precious metals instead pushing the boundaries of fine jewellery through the use of mixed metals, alternative materials, and finishings. Eunice's jewellery fabrication is not only about creating beautiful objects; it's about transforming treasured moments into timeless keepsakes. Every time you put on your favourite piece, you will feel that flutter of excitement or warm nostalgic glow that comes from wearing a cherished memory.

At the heart of it all, she is a romantic. Eunice believes that movement, sound, and sentiment have the power to inspire and enchant. Her jewellery reflects this passion, and through it she bring a touch of magic and beauty to our world.

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