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Gabriel Mador

Frozen #2

Frozen #2

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5 x 1 x 1 cm

sterling silver, faceted fresh water cultured pearl

The main body of the earings were created using a wax drip technique and then cast, a domed disc was then inserted and soldered in place into the bottom to provide a cup for the pearl and peg to sit it. Satin finish with the exception of the inside of the cup, which was finished to a high polish; Gabriel?s jewellery designs are influenced by architecture with its rigid and defined structures, as well as organic forms and textures such as wood grains and the various shapes, states, and patterns of water.

Gabriel is an avid skier, and the design for these earrings was inspired by the appearance of frozen waterfalls, often visible from the chairlifts. This inspiration also heavily influenced the decision to finish the earrings with a matt texture as well as using faceted pearls due to the facets and colour combining to give an almost frozen effect.

Gabriel utilised several different techniques in the production of these earrings, the main sections are each made from 4 separate sections of wax, joined and then cast in Sterling silver, a thin sheet of silver is rolled cut, domed, and cut again to create the cups and feature a pair of 7x8mm freshwater cultured faceted pearls set on pegs.

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