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Chris Mannall

Emerging Bowl #24

Emerging Bowl #24

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7 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm

pear wood


These sculptural bowls could be used for a variety of purposes – from holding potted greenery, to decoration in the home, or put to use in other artistic ways. This markedly natural design brings an element of freshness and breathability into the living space.

Care Instructions: If needed, clean the bowl using soap and water sparingly and treat periodically with beeswax and food safe mineral oil.

about the artist - Chris Mannall

Chris has been a woodworker for almost 50 years. After purchasing his first house in 1973, he realized that investing in some tools would enable him to make some household furniture & other items to make better use of limited funds. Since then, he has produced a wide variety of pieces, including tables, chairs, bookcases, bowls & platters, etc. He moved to Nanaimo, retiring after 20 years in the aircraft industry. Chris currently tends to concentrate on cheeseboards, live edge charcuterie boards & bowls up to 18” in diameter. Multi-sided bowls (square, hexagon, octagon, etc.) & lidded pots are among his latest endeavours. He is always looking for ways to create unique pieces. Although he does use some imported lumber, much of the wood he uses is obtained locally from fallen trees & other sustainable sources. Pieces for use in contact with food are finished with food-safe products. He has been an active member of the Mid Island Woodworker’s Guild for several years.

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