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Sharon Wong

Dream Earrings

Dream Earrings

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8.8 x 1.7 x 3.5 cm

925 sterling silver, plexiglass, Japanese glass beads, freshwater pearls, monofilament, handmade 925 sterling silver wire, hand sawing, filing and sanding, beading

We dream, we wish, we work, we live, we travel through life collecting experiences, growing new branches of who we are. Every chapter has moments of change and times like these bring introspection. We connect lessons from the past to the present. Looking back at who we were, looking forward to who we might become, who we dream to become. With every chapter of life, there are opportunities to reinvent ourselves, parallels in our own lives that guide us forward. Transforming and evolving, but remembering - reminding us that it's never too late to make a change.

The Dream Earrings capture this thought. Bringing brightness, light and colour, these earrings are adornments with a sense of playful elegance. Hand-sawed plexiglass is carefully filed and sanded along the edges for a delicate matte finish. Handmade sterling silver ear wires parallel the silhouette of the asymmetrical shapes. The plexiglass is held by arches of Japanese glass beads with freshwater pearls, forming shapes that resemble dreamcatchers. The beading was inspired by the French couture technique of tambour beading, where the beading is created from both sides of a sheer textile such as tulle or silk organza. The beads are added to the fabric from the back side, while the artist looks through the sheer fabric to create the design. Through the plexiglass, the tonal beads with one side dark and the other side light in colour create the illusion of a mirror. A reflection, symbolising all the different ways we can reinvent ourselves through life. As we grow and transition from one chapter to the next, all of the past, future, and present versions of who we are can exist in harmony.

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