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Ande Axelrod

Delight Earrings

Delight Earrings

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3.5 x 1 cm 

tagua beads, sterling silver

This piece is crafted with beads made from tagua, a.k.a. vegetable ivory, a nut that grows on the tagua palm tree in the rainforests of South America. Ande works with artisans in Sosote, Ecuador, who carve and dye these colourful beads. These sustainable creations cause no harm to the surrounding animals and forests, and provide an economic incentive for local communities to protect the rainforests.

After receiving a B.F.A., Ande Axelrod of Treats Designs worked as a graphic designer, and did pottery and photography, ultimately finding her current passion in designing and handcrafting jewellery. Blending original design with eco-consciousness, she creates distinctive jewellery that is colourful, whimsical, and sophisticated. Her collections feature natural tagua combined with sterling silver, leather, hemp & rubber. South American tagua palm trees produce the nut that is at the heart of her designs. Peeled and polished tagua is so similar to elephant ivory that it is known as “vegetable ivory” and has been used as a substitute since the early 20th century. Ande’s jewellery is inspired by the spirit of the tropical rainforests and the beautiful BC rainforests of her home. She brings original and energetic colour combinations to each of her pieces, designed and crafted in North Vancouver.

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