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Laura Van Der Linde

Deconstruct Side Plate

Deconstruct Side Plate

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approx. 2.5 x 20 x 20 cm



These funky sideplates are perfect for the pattern lover. Each plate has a hole in the back to be hung on the wall, so they can serve as both functional plates, and beautiful works of art.

Care Instructions: dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.


Laura van der Linde makes tableware including functional & domestic vessels and plates for everyday use. The surface is her canvas in the round. Colour is intutitive for her, as she believes it has healing qualities. Combinations of colour evoke emotions and with the celebration of delicious food, can capture an experience to remember. Laura works on the wheel and uses slump molds for her slab-built pieces. When dry, her pieces are painted with underglazes, bisque-fired, then fired again with a transparent glaze. Laura received a diploma in ceramics in South Africa, She spent a year apprenticing at a production factory in Johannesburg and started her own business in 1990. Four years later she immigrated to Canada, continuing her work here in Vancouver. 


"When I look at this ceramic plate it makes me smile, and takes me back to lively gatherings, heartwarming conversations, family bonds, and the warmth of friendship. It's definite proof that artists perceive beyond the visible." 

Staff Pick by Sinem, October 2023

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