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Charmian Nimmo

Ceramic Deer

Ceramic Deer

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76.2 x 27.9 x 21.6 cm

ceramic, found sticks


This one-of-a-kind playful creation by Charmian Nimmo is a mix of ceramic material and real branches, bringing the form to life with its pose.


Charmian Nimmo loves mixing and matching found objects with things of her own making. This foray into non-func­tional, small-scale sculptural work is the result of her love of animals and her habit of collecting and sav­ing things that would otherwise be thrown away. Many wild animals have now become urban and live in the cities amongst our homes and industries. This work is a playful attempt to create en­vironments and stories for (her own representations of) these creatures with found pieces, both natural and manmade, that she and her part­ner have collected over the years or found for the purpose.

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