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Elise Muller



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2.75 x 1.5 x 0.5 cm

bronze acorns, brass ear wires

The acorns were cut out of 1mm Bronze, annealed and domed with a Dapping Block. They were engraved with a diamond tipped rotary tool. The heat treated colour changes look very organic and are sealed with Renaissance Wax; The earrings submitted were inspired by Time and Changing Seasons. The Oak leaf I had found in the Fall, saved in a notebook until dried out then traced it onto the Bronze. When I forged the leaves I made one Concave and one Convex to allow the leaves to look like they were falling.

The Acorns were made by memory as there was lots of snow on the ground at the time. The Melting Clocks were inspired by Brass clock parts, Salvador Dali and the passage of time.

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